Managing Director
Medical Minds GmbH

Dr. Bruno Walter
Freelancer Address

Konsumstrasse 16
CH-3007 Bern
+41 31 508 58 48

Basic Information


Skills Subjects and Other Information

Regulatory writing for medical devices (e.g. clinical evaluations) and medical communications for any clinical field.
Skills & Services
Regulatory writing
- Clinical evaluation
- Technical documentation support
- Product labeling
- Contract research activities

Medical communications
- Scientific publication and presentation
- Scientific promotional material
- Medical education

Scientific support
- Literature search
- Evidence-based decision making
- Clinical support during early-stage product development

Medical Minds provides high-quality medical writing services with a focus on regulatory writing, medical communications and scientific support. We support you with clinical evaluations of medical devices, clinical risk assessments, scientific publications and white papers, scientific brochures and website content, medical educational material, structured literature searches, and more. For further information, visit our website at
In terms of regulatory writing, I am most experienced with medical devices. Regarding medical communications, I am familiar with a wide range of medical fields, including most clinical disciplines and biomechanics.
I am a Medical Doctor with eight years of experience in the medical device industry. My personal track record in REGULATORY WRITING includes over 15 clinical evaluation reports (CERs) for class IIb and class III devices. I have a great deal of experience in both product development (clinical support for risk management or functional and design requirements) and post-market surveillance (post-market updates for clinical evaluations). I hold the respective certificates by the Notified Body TÜV and work in accordance with the Medical Device Directive, the relevant standards, and the most recent guidelines.

My experience in MEDICAL COMMUNICATIONS includes the creation of publication manuscripts, white papers, conference posters, abstracts, scientific brochures, speakers slide decks, sales presentations, surgical techniques, training material, medical website content, and more. My in-depth knowledge on PubMed and other search engines allows me to support you with any kind of scientific literature search and add evidence-based value to your medical communications.