Dr. Anna Isermann
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DE-44795 Bochum

Basic Information

Medical Communications, Medical Education
Dermatology, Oncology
Medical, Pharma, Scientific
Editing, Medical Devices, Medical Translation, Medical writing, Proofreading
English, German

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Skills Subjects and Other Information

Extensive experience in medical and scientific writing/editing with a main focus on skin cancer/dermatology plus German/English translations/editing/proofreading
Skills & Services
Creating scientific and medical deliverables for Pharma companies, HCPs, and patients.

Principal deliverables include:
- Continuing medical education materials
- Presentations, abstracts, posters
- Ad board coverage
- Conference support
- Patient brochures, infographics, patient information articles
- Literature reviews
- German/English scientific and medical translating/editing/proofreading
Specialty areas: skin cancer, skin ageing, radiation oncology, dermatology.

Experience in-vitro diagnostics and quality control.

Always interested in a chance to cover new therapeutic areas!

I am a Ph.D. trained freelance medical writer and medical molecular biologist specializing in skin cancer and ageing.

From the very first time I viewed a skin sample up close, I was hooked. Sitting in a dark lab with only the light from the microscope illuminating the beautifully structured cells, a world of possibility opened up in front of me. In contrast, the tumor sample that followed was wildly chaotic, thrown together in an unsightly mess. I was simultaneously shocked and fascinated. I wanted to know everything about this disease, from its effects on the human body to the most intricate molecular workings. It is this unwavering drive that has resulted in my dedication to the field ever since.

Medical writing has provided a non-traditional application for my expertise and a new way to contribute within dermatology and oncology segments, whilst maintaining rigorous, evidence-based standards. If you require freelance writing support for an upcoming skin cancer project, reach out at anna@annaisermann.com