Medical Writer
Bham Pharma Limited

Mr. Bilal Bham
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148 St Pauls Road
Lancashire PR1 1PU
United Kingdom
0757 255 4764

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Skills Subjects and Other Information

Extensive medical communications/regulatory medical writing/editing experience, plus correction of German English.
Skills & Services
Excellent interpersonal, communication, networking and business building skills. Comfortable with all types of medical writing (regulatory, med comms, and medical marketing), medical translations, biostatistics, and digital media (especially social media). Speak fluent English, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Urdu, have working French and Polish.
Regulatory documents: clinical study reports (CSRs), subject narratives, protocols, investigator brochures (IBs), development safety update reports, investigational new drug applications (INDs), investigational medicinal product dossiers (IMPDs), clinical summaries and periodic safety update reports (PSURs), clinical evaluation reports (CERs).

Medical communications documents: manuscripts, abstracts, posters, presentations, formulary packs, product monographs, online articles and blogs, review articles, conference articles and reports, meeting reports, medical marketing literature, wall charts and physician handbooks, and digital media.

Fields covered: oncology, diabetes, wound healing, hepatitis/acute liver failure, allergy, HIV, infectious diseases and vaccines, haematology, bipolar disorder, medical devices, vascular dementia/Alzheimer’s, pain, autistic spectrum disorder, pharmacovigilance.
I also offer digital media consultancy to help clients build online presence, brand, produce and service awareness whilst following the ABPI code of conduct; offer online and offline PR to engage the brand, products and services with the wider public; provide expert training on how to use websites, apps and social media for business.