Dr. Melanie Colegrave
Freelancer Address

272 Horbury Road
West Yorkshire WF2 8QU
United Kingdom

Basic Information

Medical writer and researcher. Wide experience of laboratory techniques with an enthusiasm for Science communication.
Molecular Cell Research

Skills Subjects and Other Information

Skills & Services
Writing scientific and clinical research papers, from first to final draft, including data presentation.

Editing and rewriting other scientific and clinical material such as monographs and posters.

Literature reviews into diseases, clinical treatments and techniques.
I have wide experience of research into muscle diseases, cardiac diseases and wound healing including diabetes treatments.

I am happy to consider other subject areas, as I strive for a wide knowledge of medical research and find new areas keep my job interesting.
I enjoy the challenges of freelance work that involves both medical writing and occassional laboratory research projects. I originally read Cell Biology at Liverpool University then studied for my PhD at King's College London in Molecular Biology.

As well as 3 years medical writing experience, I have over 10 years experience of postdoctoral research, in Biophysics, Protein Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology. This was at the Royal Veterinary College, London and Leeds University and also included teaching undergraduates and postgraduates.